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For The property located at: 3421 Davison Road Flint, MI 48506

Current Bid: $32,000

Next Bid Increment: $1000

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    Auction Terms and Conditions Summary: (Please read carefully)

    By registering to participate in this auction you certify that you are 18 years of age and that you have read and agree to be bound by the Auction Terms and Conditions.

    Property Address: 3421 Davison Road Flint, MI 48506

    Auction Type: Reserve

    Liens: None

    Earnest money deposit $1000 + Buyer’s Premium 10%

    Minimum cash due at time of auction $4000

    (*The minimum due at time of auction is based on the winning bid amount and subject to change)

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    Dear Mazzola and Company Real Estate

    As a licensed real estate agent, I wish to register my buyer client for the following:

      Agent Requirements And Acknowledgements:

      1. I shall attend, with the Bidder, a scheduled preview/open house, if any.

      2. I shall attend, with the Bidder, the auction (unless bidding is online).

      3. I shall deliver this form to Mazzola and Company Real Estate no less than 48 hours before the sale.

      4. I am representing the Bidder and not the Seller.

      5. No oral registrations shall be accepted.

      6. A fee of 3% of the high bid will be paid to the above listed Agency should the Bidder be the successful buyer and close on the Property.

      7. In the event a commission reduction is required to consummate the sale, registered Agent’s fee may be reduced proportionately.

      8. I understand that I will not qualify for a participation fee if I’m not the procuring cause for the Bidder to be introduced to the Property.

      9. Bidder has not been in contact with a representative from Mazzola and Company Real Estate in regards to this Property.

      10. This Is Not A Brokerage Agreement And Does Not Create An Agency Relationship.

      By execution of this form, the Bidder and Agent shall hold harmless and indemnify Mazzola and Company Real Estate and the Seller from any and all claims, costs, or expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which may arise out of any actions or inactions or representations made by Agent in connection with the sale of this Property. Mazzola and Company Real Estate has the right to decline this registration form, if registration is not in compliance with the above requirements.

      In Addition To My Signature Below, Please Find The Signature Of The Bidder, Indicating They Have Seen And Agreed To The Above.